Daisy’s Disasters

Hey guys ,

So a lot has gone on since we last spoke, we have been to some dog shows (only coco won something, which I think was a fix!) mummy has let me roam free up where the giant doggies live, iv had an eye infection and I passed it on to all my friends at home (because sharing is caring you know:) ) I have been doing lots of swimming to help get my poorly leg strong again ( I love swimming, mummy calls me a water baby) and mummy has been taking me to her classes that she teaches for all the other doggies and their mummies and daddies.

I will upload a video in the comments from our cool new gadget that mummy has bought, she straps it to my back and off I go, harry had a go with it the other day and the stupid boy lost it in the woods!! (never trust a boy with things!)

Today I went swimming and decided to go diving, I was trying to look at the fishys underneath me, the other fools kept dive bombing into the pond making it pointless. There’s lots and lots of flies around that its hot, its great fun for me but not so much for my mummy and daddy, they keep telling me of when I squish them on the white walls (I don’t see what their problem is do you?)

Well that all I have got time for guys, must go squish some more flies and try and catch those pigeons that keep landing in our back garden.


speak again soon


Daisy xx

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