Dog Training


Aa a dog owner you now have a responsibility to train your own dog, not just for the welfare of the animal but for the benefit of your family and even the wider community.

It can be a fun and rewarding part of owning a dog but sometimes you need a little extra help and that’s where we can help you.

At wags n woofs we train puppies as they are first starting out in life, adolescents that become a little troublesome or adult dogs who have managed to learn some bad habits.

We offer group puppy classes to help with socialisation, to help you and your puppy to bond through early training. As a 6 week course we offer a bespoke package with training solutions to help combat even the most stubborn little rascals.

1-1 training is offered for more specific issues. Covering heal and lead walking to aggression issues. We help you to help your dog.

Please contact for pricing and more information.