We are now back and running 1-1 sessions and courses, scent-work courses and a few workshops so please do let us know if there is anything you need help with or any advise on what would suit your dog best.

All dogs sitting and waiting for their next command in the wood surrounded by various distractions

Dogs give us so much, but what do we really give then in return? A place to sleep, food, affection…. but is that really enough for them? They are so pure and unselfish, can we take a deeper look inside their minds to discover what they really need?

Wags n woofs is situated in Wrangle, Boston and offer 1-1 training, group courses and various workshops to suit every person and dogs needs

We are fully insured and hold up to date advanced canine first aid training for your peace of mind.

You can be reassured that our bespoke dog training will be completely tailored to you and your dogs

Whatever you requirements Wags n Woofs can help.


Puppy and behaviour training

Hi I am Laura, the founder and dog trainer here at wags n woofs, my passion for training dogs comes from a life long love for animals. Owning 5 of my own dogs, they need to be well trained and well socialized to help with others.

From puppy training to behaviour issues we have you covered. From the moment a puppy arrives in your home training is a must. We offer puppy classes and 1-1 sessions for early training and socialization or 1-1 training for older dogs with specific issues.

Scentwork uk dog trainer


Scentwork UK

We offer an introduction in to scentwork, which is based on detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs & excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search & rescue dogs and medical detection dogs.

Teach your dog to pick up and search for a specific scent. Build the bond between you and your dog and help exercise your dogs mind.

This will encourage your dog to become a more rounded and well behaved companion.

When your dogs basic needs are met they are happier and more inclined to be intune with you and your needs. 

Seminars and demonstration workshops

We are now offering a variety of seminars and workshops from how to train the perfect recall to introducing scentwork at home.

You will be able to attend as a spectator (with out a dog) or as a participant (with a dog)

We currently have dates for our 6 week group scentwork course and our recall workshop. Our lead walking workshop will be released soon.