Dog Walking


Walking your dog is about so much more than just exercise. It stops them from getting bored and is a great opportunity to train your dog.

It also teaches them how to behave in canine company. On top of all this, it gets both of you out and about while helping to strengthen the bond you have.

If your dog is not exercised enough it can quickly become overweight, and with that a wide range of potential health problems. Even if your dog is active inside the home, they still need another outlet for pent-up energy.

When you are out at work does your dog get bored?

Why not let us come and take them for a good walk for you? Where they can play and tire themselves out, socialize and have fun.

We can offer exercise in a secured field with a group of sociable friendly dogs, or why not treat your pooch to a beach or adventure walk?

Contact me for an accurate quote to suit yours and your dogs needs.

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