We are now proud to announce that we have become a ‘spaniel specialist’ with our grooming !!

Due to current changes we are now only taking spaniel breeds in for grooming and clipping

At wags n woofs we pride ourselves on our top quality grooming services. Our goal is to provide your dog with a quality groom in a safe and relaxing environment at great prices. We take the best possible care of your dog using top of the range products in a friendly home environment.

Whether your dog needs a little grooming or a complete “makeover” we can help. We pride ourselves on making your dog look as good as possible and having a pleasant time in the process. We are focused on animal welfare and delivering the best possible quality service.

Using only the best products we give your loved one that pampered feeling and to leave them silky smooth and matt free.

Pricing can vary from dog to dog depending on the condition of their coat.

Please contact me for an accurate quote

Please note: severely matted dogs will need to be clipped under the animal welfare act 2006 or referred to a vet. Additional charges may apply.