Peppers problems

So guys…

Its been a long time since we last spoke, I have so much to tell you all.

Mummy’s busyness has been going very well recently at wags n woofs so much so we have had lots of visitors here and I haz made lots of friendz. We have had lots of great walks all over the place.

On thurstyday last week we gained our first house guest, it was very bigz and wanted to play aaaalllll the time! this was very tiring for us all. I thinkz her name was bailee and she made a rather strange noise the first day. Mummy and daddy took her on some good bike rides to tire her out a little, which helped lots. On Saturday we gained our second (we had met this one before when he came for training and was a big meany) Rocky, he is now a nice guy, but likes to play lots and lots, Thankfully he played with Bailee the whole time so they kept each other occumapied.

The following thurstyday we then had 2 more visitors, they were labrathors just like me, their tails were very waggy and kept knocking everything over! We went on lots of great walks with them, including on Saturday, mummy organised a charity walk to raise money for them Blind doggies, we went on a big walk around the country park with a few new friends, it was great fun!! Our next door doggie friend came ‘Midnight’ and we all played in the big water puddle together with lots of swimming.

Today we went on a walk with another new friend ‘Bobby’ he is a very nervous boy so we try to help his confidence, mummy hopes one day soon he will play and have fun with us all.

Everybody haz gone homes now with their own mummy and daddies and I am so glad! I finally get cuddles again on the sofa with mine 🙂 Its fun having new friends to come and stay here, so if you know of anyone going on their holimabobs and need somewhere for the doggies to stay, my mummy and daddy are great at that, they give the bestest walks and great cuddles, mummys faceybook page is wagsnwoofs2 just let her know 🙂 she offers lots more stuff for us doggies too!!

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