Peppers problems

Hi guys,

So we currently has a house guest and he’s a meany, well he was when he first arrived (you see I’m a delicate little flower myself and he knew it) but now he’s not toooo bad I suppose. My mummy is looking after him through her doggy training business (wagsnwoofs) and trying to make him not a meany to all other doggies, which I think is starting to work.

Mummy has also started to organise a fun dog show for everyone to raise monies for the blind dogs, I have never met a blind dog before but I have heard they help peoples and mummy wants to raise lots of monies to help support them.

My stupid brother has to go to the vets today as he is a bit poorly, he’s got horrible bumps all over his body, I finks he’s got the lurgy!! mummy is hoping it doesn’t cost too much as she says her and daddy have spent waay too much on us doggies this year so far, and we need to go out and earn her some monies back! I have never been to work before so not quite sure I would be good at it.

Last week was the final class of mummys 4 week training course (she teaches people and their doggies to improve) daddy took me, Harry and Coco along to show them how its done. An obstacle course was set up with some cones and jumps to make it more fun. Harrys brother was there (Ben) and a little version of me (Teddy). Obvs I was the bestest,  me and mummy showed them how its done off the lead. I was very well behaved for mummy but not so much for daddy, he wasn’t too impressed. I really enjoyed it and hope we can do it again soon 🙂

Anyways I will update you on Harry’s lurgy next week

see ya

pepper puppy xx

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