new hooman

new hooman

So I beliefs its been a long times peeple

wees has had alots going on in our house recently. Mummy and daddy bought a little hooman home, he made lots of noise at first and it was very scarys.

I believes his name is oliver.

Iv gotten used to him now and hes  not quite so scary. I like to try and gives him lots of kisses and cuddles but always get told to stop it, how unfairs is that!? I just wants to loves him.

I also like his little sockies, they are so tiny and smell nice, I steals them and get told off a lot.

Mummy thinks we are going to be bestest friends as he gets bigger.

so because mummy has been busy with the tiny hooman we have been going for walking with grandma a lot lately and we love it, we plays fetch a lot and I loves fetch lots n lots.

oh n I has also been to the doogy doctors (boo) I had to has an operation on my side and was made to wears a stooped body suit so I couldn’t lick my poorly. I am all betters now but have a bold patch on my side still, which is chilly now its got cold.

soon it will be Christmas again so mummy has already started looking for presents for us (she says we are spoilt buggers) not sure what she means by that?

Anyway hopes you are all good

lots of licks



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