Harry’s hardships

Hey all you lovely peoples out there, this weekend has been a very fun one for little Harry bop (that’s me 🙂 )

On Sunday my hooman mummy and daddy took us all to some place where there was lots and lots of other doggies with their hoomans. We all stood in a circle as a lady hooman walked round to look at us, she was very nice. My sisters, mummy and I went in several times for different things. My hooman mummy was very pleased with us, Coco even came out with a bag of goodies and a green frilly thingy. Mummy kept telling me it didn’t matter what the judge said, she thought we were the bestest!

We walked around this place when the lady had stopped looking at us all, and coco decided she hadn’t had enough toys, she stole one off a table and mummy had to pay for it (if that was me I would have got my nose bopped! damn coco gets away with everything!!)

When we got back home we all got lots of treats and raided coco’s bag of goodies. I have now claimed a squeeker for my own 🙂

I hope we do something fun this weekend too, there’s talk about mummy taking me to her training class, I don’t need training!! I’m as good as they can be! 🙂 I also think I heard mummy taking about going to a beach? does anyone know what a beach is? iv never been.

Anyway if you haven’t already guys take a look at my mummy’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/wagsnwoofs2

or her website www.wagsnwoofs.org.uk

Hope you guys have a good week filled with lots of walks and belly tickles

see ya

Harry xx

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