Harry’s hardships

Hey guys

Today is my birfday so my mummy says. Im not sure what that means but iv had a great day. My brother sent me a birfday card wiv a crocamodile on it. We had a scrummy breakfast this morning, followed by a tasty treat. Mummy said she had ordered me a present but i had to wait for it to arrive. I spent a while having a little jump today with our new agility course, its so so cool. We has a tunnel, a balance thingy with a ramp and some jumps, its ace fun 🐾🐾

We have just come back from a great walk in the wheat field. Im a bit pooped now, but when we hot home mummy said my oresent had arrived. She bought me a froggy, and cuz its my sista pepper amd sista cocos birfday soon too, she bought cocos a maisy mouse and pepper a larry lion. Unfortunately daisy’s toy hasnt turned up yet (not that she bothered, she just watches floaties all the time!!)

Well im now off for a well earned nap and hooe for a scrummy dinner to finish my birfday off nicely.

Seeya guys

Harry bop and freddy frog

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