Harrys hardships

Hi effryone, for those of you who don’t know me, my my name is ‘Harry bop’ (well that’s what my hoomans call me) I am what I think they call a springy spanner, I has got white and brown all over my hairy body with a waggy tail, and I am also very very cheeky, or so I’m told a lot.

We has decided to give you lovely peoples an insight into our mad crazy world at home. I live with my hooman mummy and daddy, my sisters (a little white grumpy gremlin called coco, another springy spanner caller daisy, my bestest ever friend pepper who I think is a labrathor or something likes that, and finally my actual mummy, who is called after some strange country but I forgets what, and her hooman too) I am only 9 months old but I have lots and lots to tell you already.

I wont bores you guys anymore with the rubbish details, ill have to go for now as I think mummy will be homes soon and ill get shouted at if I gets caught on the interwebby.


harry xx


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