Daisy’s disasters

Hey everyone, hope you are all Ok, keeping busy and having fun!?

Ooo floaty 🍃

Well my name is daisy🌼 I also go by duke, doodah or most of the time crazy (ooo look a fly) my life is very fun and very busy, there’s always so much do. I am a springy Springer and my mummy says im a sandwhich short of a picnic (im not sure what that means but i like sandwhiches 🥙🥙)

Recently I have had a few mishaps which have restrained me from being too active (must catch that fly) but as you can see from my picture I am now free to roam the garden and catch all the flies and floaties I can find 🤗🤗

Mummy says i’ve cost her and daddy an arm and a leg recently but what gets me is who pays for things in arms and legs? And where do they get them from?

Oooo floaty 🍃

I will tell you the story of my exciting life, but first we have to go back to me being a puppy, which I finks was about 6 years ago

caught the floaty 💪 and that one too

My mummy bought me to my new home with my big sister (well she’s older than me but she’s like a little white gremlin, she shouldn’t get wet and shouldn’t be seen past 8pm) I threw up in the fast thing on wheels on the way back as my tummy was swishing and swirling all over the place, mummy’s friend was not impressed. I settled in pretty quick and loved my new home.

Ooo look another fly

Well this is all I have time for before mummy gets out of bed and catches me on the computer, please can you all like and share her Facebook page Www.facebook.com/wagsnwoofs2

And visit her website Wagsnwoofs.org.uk

She would greatly appreciate it ❤


Anyway I caught the fly yaay 🤗🤗

Speak to you guys soon

Crazy daisy 🐾🐾


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