Coco’s confesssions

Hello all you people out there, I’m sure all of my mothers friends already know who I am (I mean how can you not!?) but if not my name is coco, you can also refer to me as princess or bogger (which I dislike a lot but that clearly makes no difference).

I hear my stupid brother has been on here, it was my idea to do it so I just wanted to make that clear (I’m highly surprised he can even manage to use the computer!)

I am almost 12 years old and my bloody mother has put me through more than enough to drive a little lady like me bat s**t crazy!! All the stupid puppies she keeps bringing home, all the walks she makes me go on, and to top it off I’m not even allowed to sleep in the bed anymore! I mean how dare she! Does she think I’m one of those dogs or something? I am highly offended.

I will be here to tell you the woes of my life with my deranged mother and all that she does.

Until next time,


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