Cocos confessions

Hi all you people out there,

It’s been a long time since we spoke and a lot has gone on. I think pepper mentioned we had a house guest a few weeks ago, he tried to be mean to me but I showed him who’s boss πŸ’ͺ

We have had some really fun walks recently (and that means a lot coming from me, mum says I’m lazy!) We have been through all the fields most days over the past week (even twice some days! I’m sure mum forgets I have tiny legs)

Yesterday a big white dog came round, I don’t know why my mother does this to me, he was very jiggy and excited, barked when he was outside, whined when he was inside, he even tried to get on the sofa? Well I had to put a stop to that, it is MY sofa and no one else’s how dare he!!

Also yesterday morning I was happily picking away at my breakfast (now I am only little so it takes me a lot longer than my greedy brother n sisters) when everyone is finished it’s like a viewing gallery waiting for me to walk away, an unprovoked attack came from nowhere from stupid India, she pinned me to the floor, but mummy came to the rescue and made her go outside to came down. It really hurt my leg and I was shaking (but my plan worked, mummy picked me up, put me on the sofa and fed me something nice). I was playing on it rather a lot this morning so I could stay snuggled up on the sofa as long as possible, so take note guys it works well

Well enough of my secret tactics now

Must go

Mum wants to go for another walk

Speak again soon

Coco 🐾🐾🐾

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