cocos confessions

cocos confessions

So its been a while everydoggy,

We have been so so busy here, mummy and daddy have got a lot going on. They have some big news coming up soon but we aren’t allowed to share that yet (I have been sworn to secrecy)

We have had lots of doggies visiting us for upcoming boarding stays (I am sooo glad I still get to sleep in bed with grandma!!) so much so we are getting fully booked very quickly (best hop to it if you want your place reserving for your doggy 🙂 )

I’m not too sure about all of this white cold stuff outside, mummy keeps making me go for a short walk in it but I do like it when I get to the field and can have a quick zoomie around and do some snow angels, its so fun but its great to get back home and get in front of the fire isn’t it?


Well I will try to not leave it so long until we talk again this time,

Speak soon

Princess coco 

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