Cocoa confessions

Hi to all my fellow humans out there, I hope you have all had a good week?

As I’m sure a lot of you are aware (from my stupid brothers update Harry’s hardships) our mum and dad took us to some silly show last weekend where there was lots of others dogs! Now im not a fan of other dogs normally, but considering I beat lots of them for a rosette I’m pretty pleased about that and showed off to them 😊🐾

I have been rather sneaky and lazy this week, my grandma has ratted me out to my mother several times for sneaking back off to bed (so unfair) 20170511_122833My mother has left me in the pen with the dogs!!! 😣 (she thinks im one of them!) So my plan is to protest more and hide from the evil woman!

I hope you enjoy my pictures, why wouldn’t you I’m the best!

Speak to you soon

I’m sure you can’t wait 😁

Coco xx

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