Scentwork training

Mental stimulation is just as important to a dog as physical exercise. Why not learn a new activity with your dog to help strengthen your bond, help your dog exercise his mind and in return look to you for more guidance.

Dogs love to sniff around, so why not help them enhance their natural instincts and give them a job to do that you can both enjoy.

Beginners course

A 6 week course to help dog and handler learn how to search for treats and recognise a clove scent. To be able to do a simple search and alert of areas such as boxes,luggage, Tables & chairs, Exterior and Vehicle.

Working towards levels 1 and 2 at trials.

Intermediate course

A 6 week course following the beginners. Introducing a second scent ‘gun oil’ and search areas such as behind a closed door or within a filing cabinet or cupboard. This will also include distraction scents to test the dog and handlers skills. Multiple search areas will be given.

Working towards levels 3-5 at trials


An intensive 4 hour, one off workshop working through the basics of learning to search and recognising a scent, picking up and building on your dogs natural alert

1-1 training available on request

More information on Scentwork UK training, rules and trials guidelines can be found here /